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Advantage of Auto Cutter for Coal Extruder Machine

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The auto cutter is used to cut the coal briquette into uniform length.

Now most coal extruder machine is installed with auto cutter. Following we will talk

about the advantages of auto cutter bring to coal extruder machine:

Auto cutter will make cross section of coal briquette very smooth, and length of briquette

uniform. The appearance of coal briquette, and price will be higher also.

Auto cutter can save an worker, which reduce cost of briquette production. Because price of

cutter is not more than 600usd, while cost of manual cutting will be much higher.

Hope everyone install the cutter when using the coal extruder machine to make your machine

performance more remarkable.

Material for biomass briquetting

The best materials for briquetting are sawdust and other woody residues, because these contain a high proportion of lignin. However, most dry agricultural residues can be used if they are ground into a coarse powder. Grain straw and dried grasses do not make good briquettes on their own, but work well when mixed with woody materials to provide the lignin. Bagasse, shells (such as from peanuts) husks (such as rice husks and corn cobs) and pine needles make reasonable briquettes. However rice husks are abrasive due to their silica content, and can reduce the life of machine components.

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