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Binder for Charcoal Briquetting Machine

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Before people buy the charcoal briquetting machine, they often ask one question:

What binder to add in the charcoal briquetting process?

In fact, it depends on the material and final use of briquette.

Firstly, it needs to add some water in the coal/charcoal powder before briquetting.

The water can act as binder and help the material briquetting with ideal moisture content and hardness.

As for other binder, it depends on the final use of briquette.

The charcoal/coal briquette can be classified as 3 kinds: civil use, industrial boiler, coal gasification.

The civil use charcoal/coal briquette has few request for binder because it only request the briquette is of certain hardness and can be stored or transported across short distance, with low requirement for carbon content and caloric value.

For industrial boiler, it is requested at sulfur content and caloric value, as well as thermal strength and thermal stability. Especially for coal gasification, there are many factors to influence and has high request for binder.

For material of coke, semi-coke, petroleum coke, graphite, user should pay more attention to binder selection.

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Material for biomass briquetting

The best materials for briquetting are sawdust and other woody residues, because these contain a high proportion of lignin. However, most dry agricultural residues can be used if they are ground into a coarse powder. Grain straw and dried grasses do not make good briquettes on their own, but work well when mixed with woody materials to provide the lignin. Bagasse, shells (such as from peanuts) husks (such as rice husks and corn cobs) and pine needles make reasonable briquettes. However rice husks are abrasive due to their silica content, and can reduce the life of machine components.

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