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Biomass Briquette Machine Failure Solution

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When biomass briquette machine works, briquette sometimes breaks, but why?

Now we will talk about the reasons of machine failure and how to solve it.

1.Check your material. 

If there is impurity in material, like plastic, because the impurity can cause the briquette to break.

2.Reweld the propeller.

  If the propeller wears, the briquette will also breaks. User need to reweld propeller in different angles.

3.Check the taper sleeve and mold. 

   If the connection part between taper sleeve and mold is even.

4.Check the moisture. if the moisture is too dry or too wet, briquette can break.

5.Adjust the screw pitch according your material.

There can be other reasons for operation failure of biomass briquette machine.

If you have any question during operation of biomass briquette machine, please contact us freely.

Material for biomass briquetting

The best materials for briquetting are sawdust and other woody residues, because these contain a high proportion of lignin. However, most dry agricultural residues can be used if they are ground into a coarse powder. Grain straw and dried grasses do not make good briquettes on their own, but work well when mixed with woody materials to provide the lignin. Bagasse, shells (such as from peanuts) husks (such as rice husks and corn cobs) and pine needles make reasonable briquettes. However rice husks are abrasive due to their silica content, and can reduce the life of machine components.

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