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【Name】:Honeycomb Coal Briquette Machine

【Application Fields】The honeycomb coal briquette machine is widely used for home heating, hotel , even the industrial area.
Product Description

honeycomb coal briquette machine makes the coal briquette much harder ( force up to 90kg ) than traditional coal briquette machine.

The final briquette size and shapes can be honeycomb shape, cubic, cylinder,or blossom shape, which can be made according to customers’ requirement by changing the molds. The honeycomb coal briquette machine is widely used for home heating, hotel , even the industrial area.

Raw Material Requirements:  

1. coal, charcoal, coke and other carbon material

2. diameter: less than 3mm

3. moisture content: 8-15%

4. need to add binder according to the raw material and final shape of the production


1.Body: bedplate, foundation.

2.Transmission: motor, bell wheel, gears, drive shaft, etc.

3.Feeding part: hopper, rotation shaft, stirrer.

4.Punching press: guide bar, punching bar, punching needles, pressing plate, die seat, spring.

5.conveying part: feeding frame, bell wheel, holder and conveyor.

Advantages of honeycomb coal briquette machine :

1. Various molds to make different size and shape briquette

2. Increase calorific value after briquetting

3. Energy saving, eco-friendly and low-consumption

4. With rational structure and operation stability.


ModelCapacityPowerBriquette diameter/width

(Remark:According to the requirements of users ,the honeycomb briquette machine can processed different specifications of the honeycomb briquette:diameter less than 140,and length less than 90 mm.For square honeycomb briquette,the lenth and width is less than 100 mm)

Material for biomass briquetting

The best materials for briquetting are sawdust and other woody residues, because these contain a high proportion of lignin. However, most dry agricultural residues can be used if they are ground into a coarse powder. Grain straw and dried grasses do not make good briquettes on their own, but work well when mixed with woody materials to provide the lignin. Bagasse, shells (such as from peanuts) husks (such as rice husks and corn cobs) and pine needles make reasonable briquettes. However rice husks are abrasive due to their silica content, and can reduce the life of machine components.

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